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The service
With padel, the service must be underhand. The first service is struck from the right side and is then alternated between left and right, just like with tennis.

During service, you must hit the ball under or near your hip. The service must bounce directly into the opponent's diagonally located service box without touching the net.

The ball may then touch the glass wall, but not the fence (error service). The receiver can play back the ball before or after the ball touches the glass wall. If the ball hits the net at the service and then lands in the correct service area, the service needs to be redone.
Once the ball has bounced in the service box and is returned correctly, both halves come into play.

Game progress
During rallies, the ball may only touch the playing field once. A player may choose to let the ball bounce or to make a direct volley.

If the ball bounces, that must be done without first touching a wall or the fence, otherwise it is an error. After the ball has bounced, it may touch the wall and / or the fence one or more times before it is hit back.

The receiver may hit the ball directly in the opponent's court or the ball can be hit back via the back wall and / or sidewalls. If the ball touches the fence before it comes across the net it is a mistake.

If the ball is hit over the wall (4 meters) or the fence (3 meters) via the playing field, it is normally a point, but the player may strike the ball outside the cage.

The game continues until the ball bounces twice on the playing court or a player violates the rules in a different way.

The point count with padel is the same as with tennis and runs in game, set and match.


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