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Apart from the regular competition that requires membership of the Knltb, Prinsejagt wants to challenge the Companies in and around Eindhoven to participate in our business league. No membership is required for this. Not even padelrackets. It is important that suitable shoes are used for synthetic turf tennis. We are of course careful with our new padel courts.
There is room for only 8 companies, and the next dates will be announced shortly!
In two groups you will play against other companies. Your team will then play once every 2 weeks, with a final evening as a closing session in which every team will be present, “the Grand Finale”. Maybe an opportunity to extend your network, but especially to enter the weekend in a relaxed way for you and / or your employees/colleagues.

What does participation cost?
Participation will be EUR 500 per team.

What do we offer for that contribution?
Court rental for 4 nights for 4 people
Our cozy pavilion is open and heated
Shower facilities are included
Free rackets and balls available
2 drinks per person per evening on the 3 group nights
4 drinks per person on the festive closing evening (finals)
Soup with bread on first 3 evenings
BBQ for the participants on the Grand Finale
A year long listing on our sponsor t.v. in our pavilion
A sponsor invoice
Enthousiastic employees who participate in a brand new popular sport
Who knows what opportunities there will be for your company…

Do you want to register? That is possible   here


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Wo 16 oktober 2019
Ivo Verharen toernooi
Do 17 oktober 2019
Ivo Verharen toernooi
Vr 18 oktober 2019
Ivo Verharen toernooi 
Vr 18 oktober 2019
najaarscompetitie middag 2 banen en avond 6 tennis- en 1 padelbaan
Za 19 oktober 2019
najaarscompetitie 4 tennisbanen 13-18 uur + 2 padelbanen van 12-17 uur