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The fastest growing sport in the world can also be played at Prinsejagt from midst April 2019. Padel is the name of this fun sport that combines the best elements of tennis and squash. The nice thing about padel is that you do not need years of training to start, half an hour is usually enough to get a little feeling for the game. But beware: it is addictive, so think carefully before you step onto the brand new courts! Starting from Midst of April 2019, Prinsejagt has 2 brand new, high quality padel courts available for its members. As the first and for the time being only sports club in Eindhoven.

What exactly is padel?

The sport originated in Acapulco in the sixties. Meanwhile, padel is known as the fastest growing sport in the world. The padel pioneer of the Netherlands is none other than Guus Hiddink. The former coach of PSV is crazy about padel. He once even had a provisional court on the Herdgang. The first padel field in the Netherlands.
Padel is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. It is a sport where the game is a combination of squash and tennis. It is played by 2 couples in an almost entirely glass cage and cooperation is a must. You are allowed to hit the ball both before as well as after it hits the glass. This gives the sport an extra dimension. Moreover, because padel is not dominated by strength, technique and service, it is an ideal sport for man, woman, young and old to play together. Further on we will tell you more about the game klik.

Membership for padel at Prinsejagt?

From now on you can register via this website if you are interested in joining our club to play padel as a member, but you can also play tennis with the same membership. Another possibility is to already express your interest with an email to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. We will keep you informed of developments in padel and you will receive an invitation for the official, grand opening of our padel courts, around the end of April.

Renting a padel court at Prinsejagt

Yet another possibility is to hire a court. Reservations can be made via this separate   form.

Want to try padel for free first?

As an introduction we will give Eindhoven the opportunity to get to know the sport every first Tuesday of the month, starting 2 July 2019. Tuesday evenings we reserve a court for interested people who can just pop in and try the game.
During these evenings you can go on the course free of charge and discover whether padel is something for you. You are welcome between 19.30 and 22.00 and of course we will provide the rackets and balls. You do not have to be a member and you do not need to register in advance. Just bring appropriate shoes (no jogging shoes).

Want to become good at this real quick? Training in padel!

Our partner for lessons is “Tennis School Gijs”. They will also take care of our padel lessons. Click here for more info klik.

Competition can also be done with padel
Right from the start we want to participate in the padel competition. That is already from 1 March! Full is full, There will be more and more sports clubs to challenge, but there are already enough. Here you can find more info about the padel Competition klik.

Useful Links:

The game rules in short: klik

The knltb regulates the official side of the sport: klik

It is "hot news": klik


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Wo 16 oktober 2019
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Vr 18 oktober 2019
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Vr 18 oktober 2019
najaarscompetitie middag 2 banen en avond 6 tennis- en 1 padelbaan
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najaarscompetitie 4 tennisbanen 13-18 uur + 2 padelbanen van 12-17 uur